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Current Fundraising Initiative is to purchase 5+ acres in the Northern Region of Haiti to build an orphanage.

This orphanage:

Why Haiti?
Haiti remains one of more improvised nations of the world with an estimate 80% of the population living below the poverty line and a full 54% of Haitians living in abject poverty; a quarter of the population lives on two dollars or less per day. With widespread unemployment and underemployment throughout the country, approximately two thirds of the labor force does not have stable or consistent employment. Due to decades of widespread corruption, an inefficient judicial system, and a political system rife with corruption many reforms and initiatives to improve Haiti’s business environment and social conditions have proved unsuccessful. These poor social and economic conditions existed even before the devastating earthquake in 2010 which, by all accounts was one of the deadliest earthquakes in modern history. The 2010 Haiti earthquake left and estimated 316,000 people dead, over 300,000 injured and over 1,000,000 homeless. This amount of damage anywhere would be devastating, but to this already poverty stricken country, the earthquake in Haiti was absolutely debilitating.

Of the ten million residents of Haiti the United Nations estimates there were 400,000 orphans prior to the 2010 Earthquake. Unlike the United States and many industrialized nations there are no federally run or regulated orphanages in Haiti and the vast majority of Haiti’s homeless children are left to survive on their own or with little help from their communities. Haiti’s high poverty rate leaves very few resources to take care of these children. Without proper care and a safe environment to live, many of Haiti’s orphans are at a high risk of joining local gangs, becoming slaves to human trafficking, becoming ill with preventable ailments or simply not reaching their full potential. Because the future of Haiti is its children they must be provided with a safe, stable, and well equipped homes. As with all children, if the children of Haiti were well fed, well nurtured and well educated it would drastically improve the course of their lives and provide them with endless possibilities and options.

In the designing and building of this orphanage, we want to employ measures to ensure its sustainability for years to come. In Haiti, as in many Caribbean nations, many of the organized schools rent facilities from private companies in order to host the school; One Sparrow’s plans include the purchase of adequate land to include a school on the property. Additionally, One Sparrow plans to use the rental of the school facilities to cover some of the operations and maintenance costs of the property. Because agriculture is one of the top industries in Haiti and can provide additional support for the orphanage while providing examples of local entrepreneurship to the children other funding options include using portions of the property as farm land toward the goal of selling produce to local markets. Lastly, we will seek donations from Green Industry to run the orphanage off of sustainable resources when possible, for example solar panel technology.

What we do:
As an organization One Sparrow’s goals are to raise money, raise public awareness of the cause for the children of Haiti and provide family friendly activities to our local community. In April 2013, One Sparrow hosted the first annual One Sparrow 5k /1mile Fun Run in Ashburn. Over 400 registered runners, 150 volunteers from various organizations in the community; to include the Loudoun County High School Junior ROTC unit and the Briar Woods High School National Honor Society enjoyed the race games, music, moon bounce and other events. The event was attended by almost 700 people and raised $9,000 in profit. In April 2014, the first spring One Sparrow Kids Consignment Sale was hosted in Ashburn, VA, it was well received by the local community with over 200 shoppers over the course of the day.

Through various, creative fund raising activities, One Sparrow has begun to brand itself in the community as an organization that puts on friendly, inviting, well-executed, well-organized and well-attended events.

One Sparrow is a non-profit organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia (and currently seeking 501(c)(3) tax exempt status with the IRS). One Sparrow is being represented by Perkins Law PLLC, a well-established and respected nonprofit legal firm in the Washington DC region, in the handling of all tax filling matters. All donations made to One Sparrow are considered tax exempt, even during the organizations pending status.

One Sparrow is fully run and operated by volunteers, there are no salaries paid to any staff or members of the Board of Directors. Once established, One Sparrow plans to operate solely from private investments to allow for 100% of public donations to go straight to field projects. Because accountability is very important to us, we feel that it’s important to keep all investors updated on the progress of the building project and provided investors with information to include location and pictures of the facility.

One Sparrow appreciates your donation and looks forward to keeping you informed of our progress. Together we will realize the dream of building an orphanage for the children of Haiti.

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