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birds of the air

In the past couple of weeks we've shared a few posts on God's endlessly diverse and fascinating avian creations, from George MacDonald's poem "The Sparrow" to Dean Ohlman's tribute to a "Wonderbird," and the stunning video of a "Murmuration" of starlings.  Before moving on, here are a few more faith-informed nods to the "birds of the air" worth looking up:

"Soaring" is one of several poignant nature reflections at Fiachra's Hollow, with a special focus on wild birds that elegantly "ride the wind," such as storks and cranes, hawks and eagles, and even vultures.  On a personal level, I also really appreciated the encouraging reference to Isaiah 40 and "soar(ing) on wings like eagles."

Birding in Southern Chile is the blog of Erik Sandvig, an avid bird watcher and son of evangelical missionaries in Chile.  I hope you'll check out some of his many discoveries, in both detailed written and beautiful photographic report (thanks to The Clothesline Report for sharing).

"Our Weaver Baby" is a heartwarming rescue story from Cherie Sindall and Bravehearts Horse Haven & Animal Shelter in South Africa, including how the fledgling came to be looked after by two of her other rescues: "My tiny new baby is growing up as once again I am learning the lesson of 'Not One Sparrow falls to the ground that the Father does not see or care about it.'"

"God's Gift of Courage" is a brief but encouraging post from Chuck Summers of Seeing Creation, with two beautiful photos of cardinals in winter: "I’m convinced that the courage to take risks and rise above the storm is something God gives both man and beast (or in this case, birds).  He gives His beloved creatures both the will and the courage to survive."

"Wild Geese in the City" is an eloquent piece by Rachel Starr Thomson at Focus on the Family's Boundless webzine, which moves from the value of observing geese and other birds to God's creation in general: "Wild geese in the city are a reminder to leave my little world behind, to abandon for a while my careful mental and social and emotional constructs, and to plunge into the wider world God created and said was good ..."

This news update from The Voice of the Martyrs is about Asia Bibi, a Pakastani Christian who has spent nearly 3 years in prison for blasphemy against Islam, with an accompanying death sentence which is currently being appealed.  She shares about a special bird which visits and encourages her every day.  Please pray for Asia and many other Christians, such as Pastor Youcef in Iran, who face grave danger and hardship for their loyalty to Christ.

(photos credit 123rf.com)

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