Item Drop-Off

Merchandise Drop-Off Instructions

Consignor Drop Off: Thursday, April 9th from 7:00 - 9:00pm. Any items dropped at the sale before or after that time will not be put out on the floor.

Consignors bring their items into the building and place them in the appropriate areas.  Volunteers will be available to direct you to the correct areas and to answer your questions. 

Valet drop off is available for a nominal fee. This service is very desirable to those that don’t have time to unload and place their own items.

Before Drop Off:

  • At home, group all clothing items by gender and size. For example, all girls size 3T should be grouped together. Once grouped, connect the hangers at the top with a rubber band or piece of string. At the sale, place all of the items on the girls 3T rack and remove the rubber band/string.
  • At home, pre-sort similar items into boxes or grocery bags, for example one for socks, one for books, etc.
  • Bring extra supplies such pens, packing tape and safety pins, just in case you arrive and find a tag needs to be secured. 

Drop Off Procedure:

  • Park car and unload all items.  It is very helpful to wheel your clothing items in on a stroller, cart, or wagon.
  • Check-in with a volunteer at the front table.
  • Bring all large items (anything that cannot be carried easily in one hand - for example, strollers, car seats, high chairs) to the Large Equipment area.  These items will be inspected before they can be dropped-off for the sale.
  • Place all items in designated places on sales floor (except for large equipment). Each area (racks, bins and shelves will be labeled).  Volunteers will be available to direct you.

Item Pick Up

Saturday, April 11, 3:30-4PM

All unsold items must be picked up between 3:30 - 4:30 PM on the day of the sale. 

Volunteers will have sorted the clothing by consignor number.  However, this cannot be 100% guaranteed.  When you arrive at consignor pick-up, the racks will be marked by consignor number series.  Find the appropriate rack and look for your clothing.  Also be sure to look around at the other racks.  Volunteers do their best to sort the clothing, but depending on how many items of clothing are left & how many volunteers are working, it is possible that not everything will be completely sorted.

Clothing is the only item that we are able to sort.  All other items, including books, videos, toys, equipment, etc., will be left unsorted for consignor pick up.

Please be sure to check all areas for your unsold merchandise.  This includes checking the lost tag area for missing items. Ask a volunteer for assistance if necessary.

Merchandise that are not picked up will not be returned. Items that have not been picked up by 3:30 PM on the day of the sale will become part of the Dollar Dash or be donated to One Sparrow and proceeds will be used towards building an orphanage in Haiti. 

Review Your Sales

Consignors can view their sales in the consignor portal on the day of the sale.  To view your sales, log in and select the link for View Your Sold Items.  A report will be displayed showing you what sold and the price it sold for (full price or discounted at the half price sale).  
Our system will be updated after the regular sale and again after the half price sale.  If an item did not scan for any reason, we will manually enter it into the system with your consignor number and price, but we will not re-enter the description.  

Unknown Item Added During the Sale

If some of your items were unable to be scanned during the sale, they will also show at the bottom of your list without any description.  Please take note of these items as the original barcoded item will not show as sold because it was manually entered and appears as "Unknown Item Added During the Sale" at the bottom of your list.  Possible reasons for an item not being scanned are poorly printed barcodes, tag paper that is too dark or texturized, tape over the barcode, ripped tags, or inaccurate barcode size (if you shrink or enlarge your tags).