Thank you for spending some time with not one sparrow.  Perhaps you're wondering what "a Christian voice for animals" means exactly, and that's ok.  Hopefully our (ideal) mission statement will help flesh that out a bit:

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not one sparrow is dedicated to being a voice for animals in the Christian community.  Animals are unique and precious beings, and each one is known and loved by its Creator.  As God's children created in His image, we're meant to model His care for them, and we're called to play a crucial role in the redemption of all creatures: great and small, domesticated and wild, cherished and disregarded.

We want to help Christ's community become better caretakers of animals, for the sake of our own response to the gospel and to show the world that the good news reaches to all creatures.  We’d like to support the animal advocacy cause where we can, and contribute a faithful perspective to it.  Our hope is to consistently encourage affirming and empathetic relationships with animals, and to speak out against neglect and abuse of all kinds.

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You can find out more about our grounding in faith and the values and issues behind our concern for animals in the motive and causes sections.  But our FAQ might also help answer some of your questions, along with information about not one sparrow's background and makeup.

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