Pre-Sale Shopping


Purchase pre-sale tickets!

Pre-Sale Shopping
There are a few different ways that you can shop before the sale opens to the public:

  • Volunteer - Volunteers shop first.  Our sale is fully staffed by volunteers so they are the first to shop to show our appreciation.  Visit Volunteering to learn more about helping out at the sale and being one of the first to shop.
  • Consign - Each consignor receives one pass to enter the pre-sale on Friday night. These passes are not transferable to a friend or family member.  We know that sometimes consignors are not able to volunteer as well for the sale, so we created these passes as an added Thank You for consigning with us.
  • Early Shopping Pass - Early shopping passes will be available for purchase for $20 and they are also frequently given out as prizes for people who participate on our Facebook page.

Important Information about Shopping Early
Children are not allowed to enter the Pre-Sale out of safety for them and fairness to other shoppers.  The only exception to this is nursing infants who can be held in a soft carrier.  If you arrive at the Pre-Sale with children, you will be asked to return to the when the public sale begins.
Each person will be allowed one space in line.  You cannot hold a space for another person who is arriving later, nor can you bring a guest with you to shop (this includes spouses).  If you would like to shop with a friend or spouse, have them contact us about volunteering.  
Numbers are handed out for the pre-sale.  One number is given to one person.  You cannot get a number (or hold a space) for someone arriving later.  Once you have your number, you are welcome to wait in your car until a few minutes before your entry time.

Early Shopping Passes

You may purchase an early shopping pass for $20 to enter the sale at 7:30am, 30 minutes before the doors open to the public.  If you are purchasing your pass within 48 hours of the sale, please bring your payment with you and purchase your pass at the door the morning of the sale.

The early shopping pass only entitles 1 person to enter the sale.  You cannot bring friends, family members, or children in with you.   This pass is non-refundable in the event you cannot use it on the day of the sale.  The pass is transferable to another person.

Please email the sale coordinator to reserve your pass .