Sale / Item Preparation

Consignors prepare and price items for consignment.  Preparing your merchandise for the sale is easy. It just takes a little time and attention to detail to make sure you sell the most items for the best price possible.  Once you have all of your supplies & get started, preparation moves quickly.

If you would like to donate items to our sale, you do not have to tag the items.  Just contact the sale coordinator to set up an early drop off time.  Since we are a charity, you will receive a tax receipt and you will be able to write-off the fair market value of your items.

Merchandise Preparation
All clothing (sizes newborn to young teen or maternity) must be clean and in good condition, without large stains, tears, or missing buttons.  All clothes must be placed on hangers to be put on racks for display, with the exception of shoes, socks, and accessories. Consignors must provide their own hangers. Slacks and jeans should be attached to hangers using safety pins only (absolutely no straight pins).  Please put the safety pins on the slanted part of the hanger (the part that forms the triangle so that pants hang down without sliding around).  For both shirts & pants, if you are looking at the hanger, the hanger opening should be facing to the left like a question mark.

Tags should be placed on the left shoulder or side (looking at the garment, the tag will be on the right) so that they are easy to see.  Be very carefully where the tagging gun or safety pin attaches the tag to the item.  It is best if you use a hidden seam to attach the tag.  Use your best judgment, the tag needs to be seen, but should not cause holes in the clothing.
Layette items (such as blankets) are displayed on tables. Socks and small accessories should be placed in clean plastic zipper bags to be displayed on a table.  Place the tag inside the bag so that it can be read easily.

Toys, play equipment, and baby equipment should be wiped down so that they are clean.  Please make sure that toys and games have all their pieces, or if not, indicate the missing pieces on the tag and price the item appropriately. Small pieces that are not contained in the toy or its box should be put in plastic zipper bags and attached to toy with tape or rubber bands.

Fabrics on car seats, strollers, and exersaucers should be washed and stains removed as much as possible.  All items are subject to inspection by volunteers. Items that do not meet these standards may be pulled from the floor and not put up for sale.

Please remember to only sell items that you would purchase yourself!

Tagging Your Items

We require all items be entered into our tagging system which assigns a barcode to each item.  Barcoding is free to use and easy.  Just log into the consignor tagging system and enter in your tag information.  Then print out your tags and they will be formatted correctly. We require all items be entered into our tagging system.

With our barcoding system you can:

  • View a list of items sold during the sale shortly after the sale
  • Calculate your potential sales before receiving your check
  • You can transfer unsold items to future sales without creating new tags

Barcoding Instructions:

  • Organize your items before tagging.  This will save you time and make tagging easier! Specifically, sort items by gender, size, and category before you begin entering them into the system.
  • Click on Work With My Consigned Items (Active Inventory) from the Consignor Homepage.  This allows you to add items, edit items, or delete items.
  • Category: Select the category that best matches your item.
  • Size: Choose the size that matches your item.  You must assign a numeric size to clothing. Items like toys, books, and baby gear do not need a size so you can leave the default 0 size.
  • Description: There are 2 spots for description, but only the first is required.  The description is used to help you sell the item, to keep track of your sales, and to reunite lost tags with corresponding items.  Thus, it is helpful to have very detailed descriptions.
  • Price: The minimum price is $1.00 with $.50 increments.  If your item isn’t a dollar, try grouping things together to make it worth $1.
  • Qty: The default # is 1. If you have several items that use this same description, enter the quantity here. You won’t have to enter each item individually. It will produce a bulk number of tags and add those items to your inventory.
  • Check to Discount: If you put a checkmark in this box, your item will be sold for half price during the half price sale. Please note that once this box is checked, it will stay checked for other items by default until you uncheck it.
  • Check to Donate: For items you do not want back, check this box. Once it is checked, it will stay checked by default. If you are donating an item, consider also marking it for discount so you have a chance to sell it at the half price sale. If you mark an item for donation and decide to pick it up instead, it will not transfer to the next sale in the system. 
  • Submit Item: Once you have entered the information for an item, click on this button to add the item to your inventory. It will not be added if you do not click on this box.
  • If you would like to stop and work on entering more items later click I'm finished for now.

Printing Tags:

  • Before printing make sure you browser allows for pop-ups.
  • Click Work With Consigned Inventory on the left side of your Consignor Homepage.
  • Click (Print All Tags) if you are ready to print all tags at once or click (Print Selected Tags).
  • If you select Print Selected Tags – check box of the tags you would like to print.
  • Use light colored, nontextured, cardstock paper, NOT regular printer paper to print your tags.
  • Print tags at preset size.  Do not shrink them to fit more to a page or the bar codes will not scan.

Please be sure your printer is set for normal print quality and check your barcodes to be sure they are clear before printing all tags.  Non -clear barcodes will not scan and will slow down the checkout process.